Eat Prey Drug

Eat Prey Drug

Eat Prey Drug is an online photography narrative series which takes the viewer on a disorienting journey through the heart of the underworld of America on a mystic road trip. 


I had worked with Paul in the past on And Every Day Was Overcast, so this time around I had already knew his esthetic that he wanted. Though Eat Prey Drug was to be hosted on The Airship which its backend runs on Squarespace, I wanted to really be able to control every aspect of how the story would unfold on different devices. Since Paul’s Photography plays an important part in the story I decided to build it all from scratch. Using a carousel gave a more organic “turn the page” effect to unfold the story. Basically I was trying to do something similar to the iPad edition of And Every Day Was Overcast while expanding on some of the functionality. 

Technical Ideas

Paul not only gathered photos of his road trip but also video of driving through Americas highways. I wanted to incorporate them in a way that felt natural with out pulling the viewer out of the story. I decided to make animated gifs, but the file size of gifs can get large when you want the animated gif to take up the whole screen while maintaining quality. I faked this by compressing the video to mp4 and using HTML5 to create a seamless loop that would appear as if it were an animated gif.

Another part of the story that opened up from some creativity was when the narrator talks about a text message he gets. Using simple jQuery and Javascript calls I could pop up a text message when the reader got to that part of the story.