And Every Day Was Overcast

And Every Day Was Overcast

Out of South Florida's lush and decaying suburban landscape bloom the delinquent magic and chaotic adolescence of And Every Day Was Overcast.

Paul Kwiatkowski's arresting photographs amplify a novel of profound vision and vulnerability. Drugs, teenage cruelty, wonder, and the screen-flickering worlds of Predator and Married…With Children shape and warp the narrator's developing sense of self as he navigates adventures and misadventures, from an ill-fated LSD trip on an island of castaway rabbits to the devastating specter of HIV and AIDS.

This alchemy of photography and fiction gracefully illuminates the travesties and triumphs of the narrator's quest to forge emotional connections and fulfill his brutal longings for love.

The Website

When it came time to build a website for And Every Day Was Overcast, I opted to go with a portal to highlight the different ways one can purchase it, since there are four to choose from. I felt like using the website as a tool to sell the book, rather than a straight promotional piece, was the way to go.

The iPad Edition

I created an iBooks Author edition with more interactivity than what you normally get from an eReader. The idea was to put together a well designed and interesting digital experience. Part of that was adding some interview clips that Paul conducted with women, who grew up in similar areas in South Florida during the 90's; To get the female perspective. I hid these easter eggs through out some selected text.

And Every Day Was Overcast largely consists of photos of the less glamorous parts of Florida. The photography carried a certain tone and atmosphere, so Paul and I created a soundtrack to accompany each chapter.

The Record

Paul and I worked together to compile, compose, and edit each track to create the tension and landscape that the photos portrayed. It was a very long process, but what we created ended up being a piece of art in itself. It does a good job of complimenting the book without distracting the reader away. 

The soundtrack is available with the Cloth-Bound Limited Special Edition and was pressed onto clear vinyl.